Clear Tile

The Clear Tile has been designed as a cost-effective means of illuminating rooms and is easy to install. It is a profile that has been constructed out of extremely durable, highly transparent polymethlmethacrylate (PPMA). The Clear Tile has the same dimensions as those of the standard profiles and is available in the Coverland profiles - Cupola, Double Roman and Taunus. This product has been produced to withstand the harshest elements for a prolonged period of time, is resistant to ultraviolet rays and will provide many years of trouble-free illumination.

  • Category: Concrete Roof Tiles



  • Simple to install, (takes the place of the existing concrete roof tile).
  • Each tile is fitted with a securing device for proper installation.
  • Allows light to enter the roof space illuminating room surroundings, including garages, attics, atriums.
  • Produced to withstand the harshest elements (wind tunnel tested - Germany).
  • Highly UV resistant and aesthetically distinctive. (UV simulation tested - Germany).

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