Roof Trusses

African Trusses and Timber is a leading supplier of quality timber Roof Trusses that provide long-lasting support and complete peace-of-mind for roofing construction projects. A roof truss is a carefully engineered timber framework, made up of precise structural members to form triangles that provide the roofing structure with its strength.

Choosing a roof truss requires careful attention and expert consideration and African Trusses and Timber applies exceptional attention to detail that allows for a perfect fit for each and every project. We ensure that trusses are manufactured to order as well as to specification, meaning your trusses will be produced to the size and specifications you need as well as built to meet your production schedule.


African Trusses and Timber's range of Prefabricated Gang-Nail Trusses are designed for easy installation and enhanced roofing structural integrity. Trussed roofing solutions enable more complex construction and design while reducing both time and cost.

We provide prefabricated gang-nail trusses that are manufactured and assembled offsite to ensure the highest quality end-product for its customers. The versatility of the design allows us to use these trusses to fit a wide variety of roofing needs.

At African Trusses and Timber, experience in the roofing industry helps provide expert consideration and attention to detail when it comes to choosing a roof truss that is right for each build. We ensure that trusses are manufactured to order, meaning trusses will be produced to the size and specifications you need as well as built to meet the production schedule.


African Trussed and Timber offers the design and supply of exposed roof trusses and decorative plates that offer exceptional aesthetic beauty and character. These custom-made roof trusses are ideal for homes, restaurants, commercial buildings or outdoor living areas.

Using mild steel plates and graded steel bolts for structurally solid joints that will enhance the look and feel of timber trusses.


African Trusses and Timber also supplies SA Pine laminated beam options. These products are exclusively designed and manufactured to suit the client’s individual requirements.