Perspective roof tile provides a clean, smooth countenance to the architecture of a building, while still providing a metrical undulating contour, offering more character than that of a plain flat tile. The Perspective tile encompasses a modern, pleasing shape imbued with a high level of protective performance against harsh weather conditions. This tile is the master of style and practicality, a true leader in present-day construction. This innovative product includes a balanced combination of modern aesthetics and functionality, ensuring satisfaction of demanding contemporary customer needs and giving the home owner a fresh alternative to the traditional profiles available on the market. The Perspective’s design aids in the realisation of a meticulously constructed long-lasting habitat. Robustness and progressive elegance combine to give the perfect recipe of providing shelter from the storm whilst being the apple of the homeowner’s eye.

  • Category: Concrete Roof Tiles


Technical Data 
Overall size of tile (mm)
Approximate mass per tile
Linear cover per tile
420 x 332 mm
4.6 kg
300 mm
Structural Data 

The roof structure specifications should comply with the regulations in your area.

Rafter Centres
Up to 760 mm
Up to 950 mm
38 x 38 Batten
38 x 50 mm Batten on edge
Headlap (mm)
17° to 25°
26° and over
Batten Centres (mm)
17° to 25°
26° and over
Batten per m² (m)
17° to 25°
26° and over
Number of tiles per m²
17° to 25°
26° and over
Approximate mass of tile m² (kg)

17° to 25°
26° and over

Undertile Membrane Recommended at all Pitches
17° to 25°
26° and over

** No allowance made for wastage.
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